Bringing out the green....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So my '2010' resolution (which I don't normally make because I'm hopeless at keeping them) is an attempt to be kinder to the environment and I'm slowly getting "greener" everyday (I hope!) as well as hopefully improving my health which has had some interesting moments during the last few years.

It's proving to be a whole lot harder than I originally thought though and sometimes the original outlay of costs can be a wee bit pricey. I'm trying to decide whether it's better and more cost effective to go 'Enjo' for cleaning or stick to baking soda and vinegar like our grandmothers before us did.

Also, we're getting some chickens soon which I'm really looking forward too. Our super large compost bin will get a bit smaller and the chicken poo makes great fertilizer for the veggie garden!

Interesting things I've learnt so far...

~ The odour your body gives off is caused by what you eat, not by perspiring or even bacteria contrary to popular beliefs ~

Your body always has bacteria which it needs to survive. When you eat healthy, this helps your body make good bacteria which when mixed with your sweat doesn't stink. In other words, eat healthier, get less B.O.!
You can make your own deodorant too or buy aluminum free ones which don't say antiperspirant on them.

~ There is a tree that makes soap you can use to wash your clothes ~
Check out NZ websites here and here.

~ You don't have to use chemicals to clean your house and on your skin ~

~ There ARE alternatives to using shampoo with chemicals ~

Natural shampoo bars for one are good or if you're really brave, you can just not wash your hair at all! And not wind up looking and smelling like a wayward vagabond with greasy, dry, or dirty hair. Check out this Instructable for more info...

Obviously there are thousands of ways to help clean up the environment, and hopefully save money while you're at it, and at times it can seem overwhelming. But every little bit helps and it's definitely worth the effort.

God gave us this planet to rule over and that means doing our bit to look after it.

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