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Monday, June 30, 2008

This is probably one of the most bizarre remote controlled gadgets you are ever likely to come across! Why anyone in their right mind would want to own an RC housefly is quite beyond me. That said, I don’t doubt that the scope for comedy moments (landing it on Aunt Agnus’s slice of fruit cake just as she’s about to tuck in, for example) will appeal to many.

The RC Housefly uses the same co-axle rotor system as the Picoo Z to ensure that the craft is not only relatively stable in flight but that, thanks to the lack of torque, its also far easier to control than single rotor helicopters. This device comes without a tail rotor (I mean, when was the last time you saw a housefly with a rotor blades and a tail rotor?).

The Remote Controlled Housefly has been designed primarily for indoor use and will, if it’s anything like the Picoo Z, take more than its fair share of knocks as it bounces off walls and Aunt Agnus’s fruit cake (which is no small feat as her fruit is known to be second only to titanium in terms of its density).

Available in two equally unconvincing colour schemes, this RC bug will fly for up to six minutes on a single full, thirty minute charge courtesy of it’s remote handset which also serves as a recharging station and is sure to be a hit with children should you ever allow them a look in.

If your life feels incomplete without you having tried at least once to land a housefly on your partner’s head then you’ll be glad to know that the Remote Controlled Housefly retails for a mere ¥3312 – which is approximately $28 at the time of writing.
Comments so far:
kristy said...
Is it flyspray proof... if we had one Mandrake would be sure to give it a real good dousing of the stuff!

Rachel Kate said...
Flyspray yes. Probably wouldn't react to well to drowning tho...
June 30, 2008 12:27 PM

Jon Dylan said...
hahaha Aunt Agnus. I wonder how big these things actually are... I mean, flys aren't exactly all that large.
June 30, 2008 12:46 PM

Rachel Kate said...
depends on the size of the viewer...
June 30, 2008 1:36 PM
Did you know... The average airspeed of the common housefly is 4 1/2 mph. A housefly beats its wings about 20,000 times per minute.

I'm unnoficially an Aunty!

Diary of a living legend


- "Hi there, we're from Meridian Energy... whereabouts is your fusebox?

- Narrator: "The man in charge at Jehovah's Witness Incorporated decided that it was finally time to lighten up on the strictness of dress code."

- Narrator: "Some of Gary Larson's earlier Far Side illustrations that never saw the light of day."

- Spot the difference, there are 10 differences to look out for.

- "Whether the cause be world peace or fighting against abortion, we run with Forrest Gump wherever it may lead"

- *crash* *stomp stomp* IS THIS LAKELAND FLORIDA? WHERE'S TODD??

- How many lightbulbs does it take to change an astronaut? Just one that has made Jesus the Lord the King and the Boss of its life.

- [Narrator: There are mechanics] "Boss, the woman's here for her car." "Uhh tell her it's $950 and if she doesn't flinch... say it's plus parts." [Narrator: Then, there's Hamilton Automative"] "Your car is ready, let me show you what we did." "Ohh, thanks!"

- "After flashing sirens and a loud megaphone command from the lady officer, Jeffrey and Jack stepped out of their lowered vehicle and proceeded to attempt walking in a straight line to prove that they were in fact, not intoxicated"

- End time prophecies.

- [The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe out-takes] Edmund: "Lucy you knuckle head, you walked through the wrong wardrobe again."

- It's JAMIE GARRICK! I tell you, have proof*pulls cake tin out of pocket* wait whoops...mmmmm I'll have to get back to you.

- Actually scratch that, I think it's Johnny Depp passing off as a regular James Cringle.

- Cat Stevens has a pet hamster

- What if a big metal bomb fell out of the sky?

- I hold your constructive criticism in the highest regard.

- Snail mail? Gotta be pretty slim to fit in those envelopes though :(

- This is what life on mars really looks like: SICK!

- Today in Photoshop class, Harrietta learns to use the clone brush

- Arriving at the fiery chasms of Mt. Doom, Frodo and Sam frantically looked around for a place to discard their Orc suits

- There's a movie on tonight.

- Jase you are the sickest of the sickliest sick sicks in like, the universe.

- I can do a multi poly ring tone. like polyphonic (ABCs and stuff)

- If I was a dog what type of paintings would I hang in my house?? hahahahaha- and you guys beat me at posting. Like as in your posts came before mine. Because you posted first. Because you beat me.

- OK. Who's the cheeky monkey impersonating me!? THIS PLACE IS RIDDLED WITH IMPERSONATORS.

- "Don't worry, we weren't raptured either"

- What's the difference between saving, spending, and cows?

- I know who Jason is

- I know a joke

- your mom?

- Hey Weston... could you pray for my feet? They're flat.

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- Paul and Barnabas have another Damascus experience.

- Jack be nimble jack be quick, jack jumped off the roof.

- We have a few questions for you Mrs. Hasslehoff. Let's start with the most important... Where were you on september 11 2001?

- 8th photo down: I wanna be like Asher Bastion when I grow up

- The 9th photo on this page has a clue as to who suzy is in it. Hint, bottom left.

- I wonder if another world is possible where the word shawl was never invented

- I wonder if another world is possible where word verifications were never invented

- "Hi there madam, don't let global warming get you down... Join our life changing club today!"

- Captain Cook and his last remaining crew member breathe a sigh of relief as they discover land.

- It's Susan Pevensie!!

- I have a gun

- What Jane got in her Kinder surprise overwhelmed even her greatest expectations

- This movie is what dreams are made of - New York Times

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- "Hey sasha, I was just wondering... could you fill in for me on keys on sunday?"

- Excuse me madam, did you know that there's a light at the end of this tunnel?

- I think it's paisley jade. Posting that quick and being the first poster on most of these threads which mandrake starts. I win!

- Excuse me, we're looking for the next best thing.

- Ok now that you're both here, which of you can help me with my geometry?

- Studies show that 10 out of 10 people who walk on roof tops make leaky roofs.

- How do I get to flame? Does anyone know where this is held? Is there a cafe? Who does all the speaking? Why is it 7:00pm and not 7:08pm? Why are there so many people? Can I come if I'm muslim? Has anyone seen home alone 2?

- Remain calm people, Mr. Harris the firwarden will be here shortly. Until then everyone please line up in your classes.

- What the heck am I gonna wear tomorrow? (Nat)- Your corset? Or is Jamie still holding on to that one...

- Thank YOU for the shout symon. Yeah I think I'm keen to see it for the third time =D

- [One astronaut to another] ...'"That's rich coming from you dwarf! You and your people fought alongside this here white witch in the great battle"

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- I can't wait to tell Jason how sick he is.

- Shrek and donkey off on another whirlwind adventure!

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- Legolas

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- You guys have gone crackers!
- A cone is formed with an arc length AB equal to 20 cm. As the cone is formed from a sector of a circle with angle 72 degrees, what is X?
- Is it Brad Avery??
No silly it's obviously Brad Pitt.
I love brad pitt! But I think it's Brad Carter... and the frenchies.
- I think it's cutting corners saying things like that, taking shortcuts, letting the team down. "Shortcut to what???" "MUSHROOMS!"

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- Mosquitoes prefer blondes to brunettes, blood type B to A, doctorates to diplomas, newspapers to magazines and toffee to chocolate. Fussy little guys aren't they!

- If you were stuck in a hole, would you
a) Climb out
b) Climb the corporate ladder
c) Live life loud

- Caleb and Joshua's good report of a land that flows with milk and honey falls onto deaf ears.

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Things that make you go arrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhh



Forgetting to save a document & having your computer crash

Cars without stereos

Sneezes that won't sneeze

Any song that gets stuck in your head


Fast cars that drive slow. Ie, Holden Clubsports

People who read out loud what they're typing in an email or text

People making fun of my choice in computers. And then not having a convincing reason to back it up

People that interrupt you when your telling a story and then they continue to tell you their story and then ask you in an uninterested tone to continue on with your story when they are finished talking

Spoilt pets


Uncomfortable chairs

Cats and dogs that are inconsiderate of their human's sleeping habits, and decide to romp, play, and destroy stuff at 4 AM

When you have an itch on the bottom of your foot and you can't scratch it because you have shoes on

When someone leaves their phone number at the end of a long message and they say it so fast you can't understand it and have to listen multiple times to figure it out

When you pull a string hanging from your shirt and it doesn't break, but only becomes longer

People who put salt on everything without tasting it first

No toilet paper or paper towels in public bathrooms

When somebody turns off the lights when you are still in the room

Finding the end of the program hasn't been taped after sitting riveted for almost two hours


Rappers/Musicians/Singers/etc. who thank God at awards cermonies

Drivers who signal after they make a lane change

When you first meet someone and can't remember the person's name by the end of the conversation

People sitting at a red light and continuing to sit there when the light turns green because they're on their cell phone

People who dress their pets

In mini golf when you miss the hole three times in a row less than a foot away

When you score a goal on yourself in foosball or air hockey

When the tiolet paper roll is backwards

When people call me but are talking to someone else when I answer and I have to wait till they stop talking

People who refuse to expand their musical horizons

When you ask for a small amount of sauce and they smother it over everything leaving it virtually unedible

Shopping trolleys with wheels that won't turn

Tog tops as clothing

People who make you take off your shoes when you go into their house

When you accidently stand on the cover of your favourite cd

How hard it is to open a new packet of cheese

How ads are so much louder than the TV shows

People who don't want to learn anything new because they know it all

When you bend over to pick something up and miss the object multiple times, and the final attempt is a violent grab as if to say it was the object's fault

Feeling a little juvenile when the waitress sees your drawings on the table at Cobb n Co and you're over the age of eight

People who brag about how trashed they got the night before

Trying to get assistance over the telephone, only to be directed to "press this number", umpteen times

People who say I can't, without even trying

Speed bumps

Restaurants that put too much ice in your drink

Anti-climactic ends to long lists

When there's so much junk mail in your letterbox, that you can't get to the real mail

People who have no idea what "personal space" is

Pants on men that are too short

People who smoke right outside the door of a nonsmoking building, getting smoke all over everybody who enters/leaves

Air Guitar. Don't do it. You look like a dork.

When you're with a group of people and you think nobody saw that you just tripped. But the one person who did see it points it out to everybody else

When people tickle you

When waxing, and you pull hard but nothing comes off and yet you still feel the pain

People that say they don't like a certain food before they try it, and refuse to eat it

Motel pillows

Advertisements designed to make you feel bad

Pieces of fat & gristle on meat

Companies that outsource their customer service to India, but then those support reps don't have full access to all the needed info, so eventually they transfer you back to a manager in NZ to deal with it

People who think it's funny to crack their knuckles

When people tell you "Oh! You have to try this! It's the best thing ever!" So you try it, and then it's dumb

Making grunting noises while working out

When the string on the hood of your sweatshirt goes inside the hood

Driveways that make cars bottom out

Having to explain the same thing more than once

People who don't put two spaces after a period when they type

A well done steak or burger when it was ordered "rare"

When it's raining and you turn your car off before you turn the wipers off, and they stop in the middle of the windshield, so you turn the car back on, the wipers off, and then the car off

Free offers with a catch

When coffee spills out of the top drinking hole of lids on to-go coffee cups

TV shows and commercials/ads with ringing doorbells or phones, which make you think your cellphone is ringing

Fake laughter


People who don't vote and then complain about the results

People who try to talk to you when you are desperate to go to the bathroom

When you're wearing a hat and after a while it feels like it's not there; But when you take it off, it feels like it's still there

Famous people who name their kids stange names

People who say, "Goddamnit" or "Jesus Christ"


Cars that have forgotten to dim their lights when they drive past you at night

News programs that tease you with a big story (after the break)

Stepping in wet stuff with your socks on

Conformists, spectators & Hypocrites


Songs that repeat their chorus over and over again when it's not a very good one


Getting right to the bottom of this list and realising that you just wasted 10minutes of your life that you can never get back

"Sound of the Enigmatic Perception"

Friday, June 27, 2008

AKA Flipside & the Ladies: They're taking the world by storm & they're happening soon @ a Flame near you!

Check out the new black

This is the new black and you need to check it out: Like, now. Like, why aren't you checking it out already. Like, I'm over this word... http://perplexual.blogspot.com/ come on people, it's sicker than sick!

Thank you Symz...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Feel free to post your comments on this movie

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stephen Garton is my HERO

Add your pet hates or things that annoy you most...

Don't you just hate it when you bite into that delicious looking burger, only to find the beetroot and tomato that they put in it has soaked right through into the bun and made it all soggy? Well I do. I've found a few things online and made up a few things of my own that I've listed below.

Things that make you go arrrrgggggggh...

beware of unsuspecting bloggers

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Stephen Garton is my hero...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I decided I felt a bit weird making a blog site about Jesse Kelly being my hero, so felt it was time to let the world know about the genius in our family. I have no idea where he inherited his incredible sense of humour from (it's so different to any of ours) but it definitely needs to be advertised I think. Below is just a few of the reasons why I love my brother...

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