The one with the crash...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So I park my car as usual in the Hatea Drive carpark at about 8:30am, come back at about quarter to 5 to pick it up and lo and behold what do I find? Eddie the electrician has been up to his tricks again. Just kidding......
Some random guy (I haven't quite found out yet who) had managed to drive off the road and into my parked car and take it out. It's completely written off so am now on the search for a new car! Thankfully my reaction was better than expected. I managed to laugh my way through it and wonder how on earth a parked car can get into a crash as good as this one :)

So now I say goodbye to my baby which has served me very nicely for the last 3 years and hello Mr. Noob....

The one with the tanks and explosions....

On tanks and explosions...
I was thinking the other day how it would seem that I've turned soft. Girly movies, sleepovers, the colour pink, CRIKEY CROWBARS, I'm losing my staunch reputation big time! But not to worry, this post will redeem myself I think.

I love movies and books that are about war and action. I don't like horrors at all but good solid thrillers that get the adrenaline pumping. My favourite books as a teenager had to be anything by Alistair Maclean (Guns of Navarone/Where Eagles Dare/When Eight Bells Toll/HMS Ulysses/The Golden Rendezvous) and Tom Clancy (Rainbow Six/Patriot Games/Hunt for Red October/Sum of all Fears/Without Remorse/Clear & Present Danger), although I don't read Tom's stuff anymore due to the amount of swearing in it! And as a kid I enjoyed all the Hardy boys books plus of course the legendary Secret Seven & Famous Five books! My favourite movie series of all time would have to be the Bourne series. Heaps of action, car chases, fight scenes, etc. All the good stuff that makes up a classic action/thriller movie.
I was a bit of a geek in high school. I studied Electronics and Physics and actually got chosen out of about 5 males to do a Small Goods appliance apprenticeship. I turned it down to go into a retail job as I figured I would better off there. So yeah I was really into pulling things apart and putting them back together again. I get it from my dad I guess.

An explosion is a sudden increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. An explosion creates a shock wave.

So below are a few pics I found that are all about explosions and I just think that God is absolutely amazing for giving humans the creativity to be able to pull these off and also the ones in space just show off His greatness and majesty...

Lake Explosion

Explosion in space

Atomic Bomb

Really cool explosion

Gas Explosion

And my personal favourites...
Explosion in Art

Wow God!

You make everything glorious

Friday, October 10, 2008

I love things that are beautiful. Flowers, trees, nature, artwork, animals, interesting people, etc. I see evidence of God everywhere I look. Anyway, I spent the afternoon a while back helping a bunch of people paint mum and dad's new house. As my dad would say, it's such a good feeling taking a plain boring wall and making it into a masterpiece. Or at least making it look better than what it was!

I drove all the way out to Mum & Dad's only to discover I couldn't find my painting overalls anywhere and hadn't brought old clothes with me so had to put up with wearing these... Yikes!

Fashion awards here I come...

You take this...

And turn it into this!

OSH safe scaffolding...

Texting on the job...

The one with Patrick's favourite colour...

Monday, October 6, 2008

As you probably already know, most people will say that I'm not a very "normal" person (whatever that means). I grew up with two brothers, was a bit of a tom-boy, lived in Maunu/Maungatapere (which was considered the whop whops back then), our family didn't have very much money & the Gartons and the Randersons (Mum's family) were (and still are) a little bit, or probably even a whole heap crazy (according to some). I don't think my dad will ever grow up no matter how old he gets!

We got almost all of our clothes from the Sallys (this explains my love of op-shopping), my cousins or even the dump on some occasions. Those were the days: when you didn't have to pay for the dump and you could take whatever you wanted! We found tyres, old bikes, and all sorts of goodies there.

Most of my childhood was lived outdoors or playing computer games. I was climbing almost before I could walk and when I was in trouble or things were just too much, my haven became my favourite trees. I love adventure and the adrenaline of doing things that are just a little bit crazy. You can hear about our antics HERE.

Now I am not your typical girly girl (yes Jacksta, I know what you're thinking tehehe). For example, until about 4 years ago, I probably only owned about 10 (if that) soft toys all up. Now my collection is rather large due to a friend of mine who was really good at those claw machines. My only times playing with dolls was when my mates came over (which was hardly ever as we lived so far out of town back then) or when I could convince Stephen (who was not very old at the time, so go on easy on the bloke) to rearrange the doll's house (that I built myself) with me. Pretty much most of the time I just did whatever my brothers were into at the time & hated sleepovers because they meant a bunch of screaming hyperactive girls gossiping about who liked who! You can read about the best sleepover I've ever had HERE.

After about the age of 10 I began to despise the colour pink, hated wearing dresses & would grab any opportunity for a fight (just ask Kevin for more info on this; I'm sure he'd be dying to tell you). This continued right up till the age of about 16 or 17 probably, when I started to be asked to perform at weddings (which meant I had to wear a dress). Then, the unthinkable happened, I went to buy a pair of jandals and the only colour they had in my size was PINK! So I took the plunge, and to this day, everytime I wear something pink I get comments on it. So maybe it will grow on me, maybe not, I don't know. But I do know this: wearing pink IS NOT the ultimate crime, it doesn't mean I have to suddenly turn into one of those "ooh let's paint our toenails and talk about boys" type of girls... And that's my spiel for the day :)

Patrick and the great Sleepover

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Arna & I had a sleepover for our POD on Monday night. Well, I've had sleepovers before, but not really being the girly type, had never really enjoyed them that much. But I've decided that since all I ever seem to think about now is paying the bills, cleaning my house, mortgage stuff, trying to get better at being a manager at work (all boring adult stuff), etc, that I would let myself go and act like a hyperactive teenage girl for once. Man was it fun!

Our mascot - 'Patrick'

We started off playing some games (which I made up on the spot while we were waiting for people to turn up). I wish now that I had a video camera as photos just don't do them justice! Balloons, shaving cream, razors, newspaper, toilet paper, toilet rolls; well I'm sure you get the message.

Then we had dessert which consisted of chocolate chips, chocolate wafers, chocolate sauce, peppermint chocolate, marshmallows and some bananas chucked in so I could attempt to call it healthy (Yeah right).

So the girls now being hyped up on copious amounts of sugar, we sat down to watch a great movie.

I'm not sure what they were thinking, but 3 of the girls decided to sneak off and give each other "makeovers". The end result sure wasn't too pretty! Maybe they thought they were going to a rugby game or something. I'm not quite sure, but it took ages for them to wipe it off anyway.

By this stage it's about 11:30 and as girls do, we managed to talk for 4 hours straight before we all finally fell asleep exhausted at 3:30am then got up at 8:30 for a bacon and egg breakfast. Mmmm so good!

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