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Monday, August 18, 2008


Time passes, life rushes by, but special people remain in the heart always...

Being a poor family growing up, and living out in the whops as it were, my brothers and I made our own fun, choosing to spend most of our time outdoors. I have so many good memories of making huts in the bush, building tree houses, bike-riding up and across slippery hillsides made of clay to see who could get the furtherest without falling off, skids in the gravel, bunny-hops over potholes, soccer matches with the dog, reading Asterix and Tintin comics, seeing who could build the best things out of lego, playing marbles, racing cars down sheets of iron laid out on a hill, rough and tumbles, jumping off the roof or out of trees onto the trampoline, playing computer games such as One Must Fall, Street Fighter, Bomber Man, Worms, Micro Machines, Relentless, etc. Ya know, just your typical, standard, run of the mill stuff.
Good times!

So, my "little" brother, who at 6 feet has become the tallest one in the family, is about to leave the teenage years behind him forever! From the moment he was born, it's been my mission in life to stand up for him, attempt to protect him from bullies, look after him and try not to get annoyed when he always got me into trouble when we were younger. Blood is definitely thicker than water as the saying goes! But I realised today, that instead of me looking after him, it's mostly the other way round now. He seems to be able to coax stuff out of me that nobody else knows, frequently checks up on me, saves me from bullies (tehe we won't say who) and stands up for me when people insult me.


I thank God for them. They have taught me to appreciate life in all sorts of different, exciting and often dangerous ways. No wonder I love adventure so much! They have showed me how a real man ought to treat females. Sure they're annoying, get under your skin and no matter how hard you try, you cannot understand the way they think, but if it wasn't for my brothers, I'm sure my childhood would have been a whole lot different!

So welcome to the 20up world Stevo. And thanks for being you. I wouldn't change one thing. Well maybe just one or two... Just kidding! Happy Birthday

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