i heart hamsters...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I heart...

*fresh herbs and hummus*
*hamsters and hammocks*
*helpful and happy people*
*husbands and hang-gliding*
*good habits and good hair days*
*heath ledger movies and horses*
*holocaust movies and hypothesis*
*harmoniphones and helminthology*
*words like hippopotamus and hiccup*
*hutches with chickens and houses with love*
*healthy food (that tastes good) and home-made hamburgers*

What's your letter of the day???

Egg fried rice with shrimp

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Egg fried rice (with shrimp)

I've been wanting to make this dish for ages and finally shrimps were on special this week so I bought a bag. Here's my rough DIY tutorial hehe on how I made it.

I normally cook this dish the next day after I've made rice because I make too much and have leftovers. This is a great way to use them all up.

Ingredient list:
Pre-cooked rice (any type-I used brown)
Note. The amount depends on how many you are feeding-I used about 2cups cooked rice for 2 people and had some for lunch the next day.


I used the ones that are precooked already
Note. Chicken will probably work just as well, as long as you precook it

Omelet Mixture
herbs and celery salt to taste
Note. You can use as many or as little veggies in this part as you like: mushrooms, bacon, capsicum, etc.

Extra Veggies (Optional)
Brocolli (you can also use cauli or skip this part)
sugar snap peas
any other veggies you can think of!

Nuts (optional)
I use a small amount of almonds and cashews

-Mix together all ingredients of the omelet and then pan fry. Set aside for adding later. You can fry as a whole omelet and flip, then cut into pieces do it the lazy way like I did and fried it like scrambled egg. Doesn't look as nice but takes less time.

-Pan fry nuts in a little butter or oil until just brown (watch them closely, otherwise they will burn)

-Pan fry veggies for about 2-5mins then add rice and shrimps (or pre-cooked meat). If you want to stop the rice from sticking to your pan, add a little milk or coconut cream.

-Add the omelet mixture to pan and then cook on low, stirring constantly till there is no liquid in the pan.

-Stir in nuts and take off heat immediately. Serve it up straight away otherwise the nuts could go soggy on you.

-Enjoy :) you could even it with chopsticks just to be creative and have a themed night where everyone dresses up.

Things I'm thankful for...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flowers for no reason...

Free Meat
ok so the picture looks a little bit gross but it tastes good!

Funky Deals from Trademe

Being able to afford a holiday to Auzzy

Happy Customers!

What are you thankful for?

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