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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I wrote this post two days ago and I thought it was pretty cool. Until I went to publish it and the internet (which had been playing up all day) decided it would go offline and it was only then that I realised the auto-save function hadn't been working. So I lost most of it and had to pretty much start from scratch and write it again. Then I got home and found it had saved most of it, just hadn't showed up yet! All that, after I'd already re-written it. I've always said God is into irony (no, not ironing) and now I know it for sure! The post was all about trying to find humour in a bad situation. So if anyone can see the funny side of that then I'd love to hear it! Anyway so this is my attempt at re-writing the post. Here goes...

I found this meaning of the word humour: An alternative (or surprising) shift in perception or answer is given that still shows relevance and can explain a situation; When a sudden relief occurs from a tense situation.
They say that humour is a great way to live longer, be healthier, and helps to get you through life's struggles and trials. They, whoever they are, would be right I believe. I have found throughout the years that whenever I'm going through a rough time, if I try and see the humour in a situation rather than point out all the negatives, the valley becomes less intense. It is still hard, but somehow easier to bear.

The trick is, as well as seeing the funny side of things, is remembering to look back. To look at the past that God has brought you out of; to look at the dry times that God has brought you through; to look at the good times that God has provided for you. If you look back and see where you've trekked already, it becomes easier to look forward because you don't have to worry about the future. You know God's going to come through because He's already proved it. It becomes so much easier to trust Him that He will work the situation out for good. The hard part is letting go of what YOU think is best. When things don't go quite the way you planned them to, it's so easy just to curl up in a ball and think woe is me. But God wants you to stand firm. Stand on His word that never lies, and on His truths that never fail.

The world could fall to pieces and still there God is, unchanging.


Powerful stuff if only we could remember it in the midst of our struggles!

So back to the part with the humour in it...
Sometimes it helps to laugh at yourself. About a week ago, I had a really bad day: Woke up at least 3 times in the night, had heaps of stressful customers at work, machines jamming all day long, jobs not coming out right the first time, people asking me stuff I didn't know how to answer, and I was still pretty sick so not feeling the greatest. I got home, lay on the couch and wanted to cry and scream at God in anger and frustration. But knowing full well that wouldn't get me anywhere, I turned on my stereo, cranked up my favourite song & began to jump up and down. After a little while (seeing there was no one around) I started to sing at the top of my lungs. And seeing there was no one around - the one good thing about not having any flatmates - the jumping turned into spinning and crazy dancing (Kate, you know what I mean) and I started to smile. Just a small one, but it was enough to be infectious and then the laughing started. Suddenly, things didn't look so bad. In fact, they were starting to look pretty darn good. It reminded me of the times when I was a kid and my dad used to tell me a dumb joke whenever I got grumpy. I would roll my eyes at him, but eventually a smile would appear and all would be right in the world again. Trust dads to know the right things to do.

Yup that's all I've got.
Till next time...

Club JJ

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ok so there's this club. It's unofficially called JJ's Club.

So far, it has a few members, namely:

Jon Dylan (Host)
Jase (Co-founder)
Owen (Co-operative participator)
Jed (Co-operative entertainer)
Kate (white and nerdy commentator)
Les (top badge maker)
Mawson (jam maker)
Jamie (super keen, online, washing hanger, insane line dancer, hanging by a moment mate)

If you want to join, you need to sign here....................................

and here...........................

oh, and here too................................................

All proceeds will go into the contents of Perplexual's pockets.
Everyone's a winner.

For more info check out the link below:

Girl's avo out...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Today Mine and Arna's pods went laser tagging! Well, some of our pod anyway. It's almost impossible to get all the girls together at one time, which is why we haven't done anything with them up until now. So, despite the lack of numbers, we had an amazing time, I did way better than the last time I played WAHOO, and now the girls are keen to try paintballing... And a hunting trip is in the planning for when the weather's a bit finer. So stuff is happening yay!

Till next time...

The one with the random sense of humour...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Time passes, life rushes by, but special people remain in the heart always...

Being a poor family growing up, and living out in the whops as it were, my brothers and I made our own fun, choosing to spend most of our time outdoors. I have so many good memories of making huts in the bush, building tree houses, bike-riding up and across slippery hillsides made of clay to see who could get the furtherest without falling off, skids in the gravel, bunny-hops over potholes, soccer matches with the dog, reading Asterix and Tintin comics, seeing who could build the best things out of lego, playing marbles, racing cars down sheets of iron laid out on a hill, rough and tumbles, jumping off the roof or out of trees onto the trampoline, playing computer games such as One Must Fall, Street Fighter, Bomber Man, Worms, Micro Machines, Relentless, etc. Ya know, just your typical, standard, run of the mill stuff.
Good times!

So, my "little" brother, who at 6 feet has become the tallest one in the family, is about to leave the teenage years behind him forever! From the moment he was born, it's been my mission in life to stand up for him, attempt to protect him from bullies, look after him and try not to get annoyed when he always got me into trouble when we were younger. Blood is definitely thicker than water as the saying goes! But I realised today, that instead of me looking after him, it's mostly the other way round now. He seems to be able to coax stuff out of me that nobody else knows, frequently checks up on me, saves me from bullies (tehe we won't say who) and stands up for me when people insult me.


I thank God for them. They have taught me to appreciate life in all sorts of different, exciting and often dangerous ways. No wonder I love adventure so much! They have showed me how a real man ought to treat females. Sure they're annoying, get under your skin and no matter how hard you try, you cannot understand the way they think, but if it wasn't for my brothers, I'm sure my childhood would have been a whole lot different!

So welcome to the 20up world Stevo. And thanks for being you. I wouldn't change one thing. Well maybe just one or two... Just kidding! Happy Birthday

Linus & Lionel

Friday, August 15, 2008


As a surprise for a belated birthday present, I got given these two fish. Not being one to name things like this (I hardly ever named my soft toys or things like that as a kid) my suggestions of Fish 1 and Fish 2 were violently opposed. So, after much deep thought and deliberation (all of about 2 seconds), they are now called Linus and Lionel. And if they turn out to be females (but who can be bothered checking) then I will promptly rename them Linda & Lionette just to be PC (not mac). My goal is to try and keep them alive for longer than 2 months. I'll keep you posted. Maybe. They look quite good in their little tank except you can't play with them! What's the point of a pet you can't play with? I would rather be catching them off a boat then looking at them swimming around. But however, I may grow to love them in time and miss them when I go away. Who knows, for another world could be possible after all...

Another perspective...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

After reading Arna's amazing post on recent events, I got to thinking about some things (which doesn't happen often - as it has been scientifically proven that not only can guys think about nothing, so too can girls - check it out at

Attitude: A position of the body or manner of carrying; The way in which one is placed or arranged; A state of mind, opinion, a feeling or disposition or a person’s mental set, A frame of mind affecting one's thoughts or behavior; A general cast of mind with regard to something

I'm alive. Yup. That's right, alive.

- I might not feel completely whole.

- I might have next to no energy, in fact, so shattered that I wonder if I will ever get enough sleep to recover even after two and a half days off work pretty much in bed the whole time.

- I might still struggle with my throat giving me hassles.

- My head might feel like it's going to explode somewhere if this constant headache keeps up.

- My bladder might not be working properly (things you really didn't wanna know).

- I might be incredibly nauseous all the time that I feel I could pass out at any moment.

But you know what? I'm alive. And a lot better off then some!


I woke up this morning.
I don't have terminal cancer.
My heavenly Father loves me no matter what.
And my salvation is in Him. Such good news.

Yet, we (or is it just me who does this) seem to only dwell on the negatives, on the here and now, on our feelings that will quickly pass or change, on the things wrong with us rather then the things right. Maybe if we stopped looking at ourselves and started to look at the bigger picture; changed our perspective even for a moment then we would start to be so much more thankful for our lives and the things God has done for us.

So thanks Arna, for reminding me of the bigger picture; of the way things really are and not just the way I see them through my fallen sin eyes.

Another perspective...

Before I wake...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Due to the series of unfortunate events over the last few days, beautiful overtones wasn't able to be there at Flame on Friday (sorry Laura). Pretty much everyone in the whole family has now been sick from this crazy bug that's going around! So after countless amounts of honey & lemon drinks, I decided I'd write a book review on the one I managed to finish over the weekend.

Welcome to Justice, but good luck leaving it...

The author is one of my personal favourites: Dee Henderson. She writes along the lines of thrillers/action/romance novels. Just enough romance to add to the plotline, and not too much to be sickening like some of Francine River's books. Anyways, this particular book is called "Before I wake". It's set in a small town called Justice where nothing much exciting ever happens, but in the space of a couple of weeks, there just so happens to be three deaths put down as natural causes. A mere coincidence, or something more sinister perhaps? This novel tells the story of a sheriff, a retired undercover cop and her new business partner all trying to solve the mystery and find the killer while trying to stay alive. I found this to be a great read although the ending was a tad anti-climatic, as Stephen would say. It very much set itself up for a sequel except I'm pretty sure there isn't another coming out! On the whole though, I would give it 7 out of 10. A good way to spend what would have otherwise been a very boring Sunday afternoon sick on the couch!

to a special someone...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just because I can :)

Been thinking of you lately and just wanted to encourage you not to give up on your dreams, no matter how extreme or impossible you think they are. God has given you a great imagination for a purpose and it is up to you not to let that die. At the given time, God will give you the strength needed to fulfill those amazing plans He has for you. I thought that Merilyn Priestley's little prophecy she gave to you after that last Essence was just awesome! Maybe you will never know just how much power your gifts and talents have when used in the right way for the right reasons. But know that you are giving so much pleasure to your Creator. Hope this post doesn't embarrass you; but you mean so much to me! Lots of love from your old flatty :)


This week at Flame

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Beautiful Overtones are performing live this Friday @ Flame

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