Before I wake...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Due to the series of unfortunate events over the last few days, beautiful overtones wasn't able to be there at Flame on Friday (sorry Laura). Pretty much everyone in the whole family has now been sick from this crazy bug that's going around! So after countless amounts of honey & lemon drinks, I decided I'd write a book review on the one I managed to finish over the weekend.

Welcome to Justice, but good luck leaving it...

The author is one of my personal favourites: Dee Henderson. She writes along the lines of thrillers/action/romance novels. Just enough romance to add to the plotline, and not too much to be sickening like some of Francine River's books. Anyways, this particular book is called "Before I wake". It's set in a small town called Justice where nothing much exciting ever happens, but in the space of a couple of weeks, there just so happens to be three deaths put down as natural causes. A mere coincidence, or something more sinister perhaps? This novel tells the story of a sheriff, a retired undercover cop and her new business partner all trying to solve the mystery and find the killer while trying to stay alive. I found this to be a great read although the ending was a tad anti-climatic, as Stephen would say. It very much set itself up for a sequel except I'm pretty sure there isn't another coming out! On the whole though, I would give it 7 out of 10. A good way to spend what would have otherwise been a very boring Sunday afternoon sick on the couch!


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