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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relaxing weekends
Had a great trip to Auckland where we pretty much did nothing the whole weekend except watch music DVD's, play mini-golf & eat at the infamous Kyou sushi place beneath Brendan's new flat. You never realise just how tired you are until you begin to wind down and relax.

Handmade for me by my spesh :)

Belated engagement present from a very lovely older lady in the church. Presented with a massive hug to go with it.

Scored some metallic paper which is usually around 50cents per sheet at the very cheapest for 20cents each! STOKING. Can't wait to make some more invites with them.

'Nifty fingered' friends

A very awesome friend of mine sewed a 50's dress for me. I had cut out the material, but didn't have time to sew it so she very lovingly did it for me (and probably did a way better job too). Add that to my $10 warehouse shoes and you have a complete outfit for under $30!


Symon Burton said...

The homemade treat from your 'Spech' didn't look like that when you offered some to me to taste-test. Did you use your photoshop skills? Great tasting fudge- flavoured coconut ice all the same ;-)

PaisleyJade said...

Nice photos... and lovely things.

Rachel Kate said...

hahaha i didn't take a photo of it lol got that online (i mean, used my amazing photoshop skills)

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