marvelous mushrooms & the mundane

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I have decided South Africans are very generous people. Not that I thought they weren't before, but I haven't seen any Kiwis come running back to bring me gifts and apologies for not keeping their word.I also got shouted brekky this morning too by an amazingly gifted gal! Mmmmm beautifully done mushrooms on really nice grain toast with bacon and eggs, topped off with a perfect cappuccino. YUM!
Jealous? Yes, you should be.

A few months ago, I designed some flyers for a customer. I spent quite a bit of time on them and realy went out of my way to make them look good and to give them a competitive price too. They just had one last thing to check over before they got them printed, but they never came back. Boy was I ticked. Sometimes we get a deposit before we do drafts and things, but most times people expect to pay at the end, so we rely on a customer's goodwill and honesty. Anyway, I had forgotten all about it when yesterday, this customer came back into the shop. He was armed with a goodie bag filled with chocolate truffles, a really nice card & a pretty good explanation of why he wasn't able to come back! Turns out his visa had run out and he now has to go back to South Africa for 6 months in order to get new work permits. Crazy times. So I was pretty blessed by this and it really made my day. Goes to show, you can't always judge people for not keeping their word...


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