Wonderful Wednesday...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My dress is finished!! WAHOO! That means I don't have to get married in overalls.
Or jeans. Or chuck taylors heh

Thanks to mum and Debra Sampson for all their hard effort these past couple of months

Sorry no pics of it - it's a surprise. You'll just have to be there on the day.
(which is only 3 and a half weeks away YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY)

Did I happen to mention that I'm a
teeny bit excited?


PaisleyJade said...

Yay!! That is great news... and very very exciting!!! (you would still have looked beautiful in overalls though).

jacksta said...

yay :)!!!!!

Rachel Kate said...

lol kristy, thanks well i could've matched dad in wearing overalls to our engagement party tehe

Carefui Kid said...

Congratulationssss, I can't wait to see how you look in the dress!

Rachel Kate said...

aww thanks Laura :)

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