Bringing the indoors outside

Thursday, March 11, 2010

We have this funny tradition my husband and I. We like to do something a little bit different each month on our anniversary (we started it so we wouldn't forget the date!). So this time Jason decided that we needed to sleep on the deck. He's been threatening to do it ever since summer arrived so he finally got his wish.

Hehe I didn't take photos so thought I'd put up this one instead :)

It was a beautiful night with stars in abundance and apart from a couple of mozzies I slept pretty soundly.

So there you go. Sleeping on the deck is fun. What other random things have you done?


PaisleyJade said...

How cool is that - we should sleep on our new deck too!!

Rachel Kate said...

yeah you so should! and take pics!

Joyeful said...

That sounds so romantic! But we would need a mosquito net for sure!

Wonderful to meet you, Rachel Kate : )

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