Easy Apron Tutorial

Friday, July 30, 2010

You will need:

Old pair of jeans
Fabric for the top half of the apron
(I only used about 1/4 metre)
Embellishments (buttons, ribbon, bows, lace, etc)
Bias binding

First I cut out the old pair of jeans...

* Cut along the side seams
* Cut the length of the jeans to how long you want the bottom of your apron to be
* For the tie around the waist you can either cut around the belt loop and use that or what I did was to just cut if off and then insert a pretty belt using up some fabric scraps

Next step, add your embellishments...
*I added some lace to the bottom instead of hemming it

*I cut out a flower out of my lace fabric & sewed a button in the middle to hold it on

*I sewed some more lace around the pockets

For the belt...

* I cut some fabric scraps into the same height, but random lengths, rearranged them into an order I was happy with, sewed the pieces together first, pressed the seams open
*Fold the strip in half along the length with right sides together, sew together and then turn right side out and press again.

(Not my photo, but you get the idea hopefully)

*For the ends, I sewed them into a semi-triangle, but you can just stitch straight.

For the top half...

*I used an old t-shirt to trace a pattern I liked. Remember to make it a wee bit shorter than you think you need.
*I sewed some bias binding around the whole edge of my apron
(if you're unsure of how to do this, follow these instructions here)
*Made another 'belt' for my straps except this time instead of using random pieces, I used all one colour.
*Sew straps at preferred angle to top
*I added bows to hide the stitches because I did in a rush :) You probably won't need to though if you do it slowly and properly!

The finished product - tada!

If you find you can't follow my tutorial or there isn't enough pictures, you can always google it - there are heaps of tutorials out there for projects like these or these.


Betty May said...

youre uber talented!

jacksta said...

very cute!

Arna said...

that is totally cool!! I want one!! haha. I've always wanted an apron but its one of those things I still don't have! You should sell them! xo

Anonymous said...


Tall Pipi said...

So cute! Might just have to try it!

Rachel Kate said...

ha if it didn't take so long and i wasn't a super amateur sewer then yeah, i might sell them :) hehe thanks for the comments!!

PaisleyJade said...

That is amazing! Loving it - you totally could sell them (I'm an amateur sewer and people still buy my stuff ;)

We need a pic of you modeling it!

Rachel Kate said...

hehe maybe i can convince amie to get a pic :) that would be great. i had to guess the size seeing i'm at least 2 sizes bigger (hehe) at the mo and we normally the same size!

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