1st anniversary

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That smirk on his face says everything...

I didn't have a clue where we were off to and he wouldn't tell me a thing. We ended up at the same place we stayed in for our first night of honeymoon. A picturesque bed and breakfast between Kaiwaka and Te Hana. The host is an amazing cook and provides both breakfast and dinner. Very good value for money and even the biggest eater would be well satisfied with the amount of food and the variety.

Off to the Matakana markets for a leisurely morning. A great place to stop in on a Saturday morning if you're ever in the area.

Not the most exciting minifolf course in Mangawhai, but for $4 a person, you certainly can't complain! J won again. Maybe by our 40th wedding anniversary I will have managed to beat him...

Next stop: Tawharanui Regional Park. It's protected from stoats and dogs and there are plenty of walks to do around the area.

Beautiful Anchor Bay

Surprisingly enough, I didn't feel as though I was up for one of the walks around the park so we opted to sit on the beach and enjoy the sunshine.

Then it was back home to good old Whangarei. Had dinner at a new Cafe/Restaurant called Chandoz. Not the most of romantic places, but very reasonably priced, the food was great and it was more than enough for the two of us.

We topped it off with a cheap night in and rented Madagascar, one of our favourite movies.

Ahh, bliss. Making the most of quiet nights with just the two of us while we can.


jacksta said...

awww. what a sweet getaway...Ive forgotten what one of those is like. happy anniversary!

PaisleyJade said...

What an awesome anniversary!!! You guys are so cool. xox

Rachel Kate said...

Yeah that's why we went away! to escape before the reality of bubz hits :)don't worry, they'll have left home before you know it and then you can go away as much as you like!

Rachel Kate said...

thanks K :) we had such a nice relaxing time despite extra weight hehe

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