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Friday, July 18, 2008

Q: Why did the Babybel Cheese factory become more religiously important than any other shrine in the world?
A: Because it was reported that Baby Cheeses was spotted there.


Attention all bloggers: What do greasy, acne ridden computer geeks get? A: Blog Spots. Aha ha, ha okso that wasn't very funny. Anyway, I was inspired (or uninspired - take your pick) by Dave Wiggins lame "drum" jokes the other night and found this blog on homemade jokes... I've posted a few of my favourites just for a laugh. Go ahead, I dare you!

Q: What was the problem with the perfect house?
A: It was floorless.

Q: How did the motorist feel about the penalty they were given for driving too fast?
A: Fine.

Q: What do nuclear physicists put in their flower beds?
A: Depleted geraniums

Q: What type of mobile phones do puppets use?
A: Pinnokias

Q: What is Tiger Wood's favourite snack?
A: Chip puttie and a cup of Tee.

Q: Why is Tiger Woods so good at editing on an Apple Mac?
A: Because he's a Final Putt Pro.

- I just loved this one. Yup I'm weird, I know and the next one's not bad either. You'll either laugh or cry

Q: Why does my computer's hard disk think its a sucessful musician?
A: Becuase its got lots of gigs.

Q: What do you call a serviette that sings Jazz?
A: Napkin Cole.

Woman: I went to the Channel Islands at the weekend. It was so cold I had to put on an extra layer of clothing.
Man: Jersey?
Woman: No, I think it was a tank top.

Q: Which designer label likes to climb steep slopes?
A: Calv Incline

Q: Why are squirrels so jealous of teachers?
A: Because they are not invited to the NUT conference.

Q: Why don't the Police like emails?
A: Because they like to stick to the fax.

Q: What type of potato chips do Muslim leaders eat?
A: Sultan Vinegar

Q: What type of potato chips do the mafia eat?
A: Mobster Munch

Q: What type of potato chips do depressed people eat?
A: Sour Cream & Cryves

Q: What type of potato chips do bookworms eat?
A: Read-y Salted

Q: What type of potato chips do non-vegetarians eat?
A: Chicken

Q: What did the Tomato say to the chip as he passed him in a running race?
A: Ketch-up

Q: What do you call an elephant that doesn't matter?
A: Irrelephant.

I met a little man with a beard and pointed hat the other day. He was holding a little fishing rod.
"Hello little man," I said, "What sort of creature are you?"
"Can't talk, tick tock tick tock," he said, "I've got to catch a train on the Paris underground, tick tock tick tock tick tock."
He was a metro-gnome.

Q: Which feline is inconsequential?
A: A Meerkat.

Q: Why did so many people want to meet the laziest man in the world?
A: Because he was into resting.

"You know Yazoo?" she asked me.
"What?!" I replied. "I have a zoo?"

Q: What do spacemen play when bored.?
A: Astro-naughts and Crosses.

Yup another pointless post. Glad you said it. Until next time, keep laughing...


Symon said...

You need to recite this at Flame on the drumkit! Awesome looking template!

Symon said...

One thing about the template... You need to put a 'home' link somewhere ;-)

kristy said...


lesmondj said...

Loved the metro-gnome one and the Napkin Cole one...did you really make them up?

Rachel Kate said...

hahaha no i only made up 3 of them... guess which ones and win a free laugh

Rachel Kate said...

thanks symz :)

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