Time is of the essence

Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was thinking the other day about the saying, Time is money or money is time and I started wondering whether or not I or the business would be any richer if I didn't do any of these "time-wasters". I conducted a "statistical poll" (don't ask me if that makes logical sense or not because I'm sure nobody, including me, can understand my logic) based on my normal working week and multiplied by a workspan of 50 years (or 104000 hours)...

- Time spent driving to work (why drive when you could fly?)
2600 hours = app $33,070
- Time spent waiting at traffic lights (they should invent underground pedestrian tunnels)
2167 hours = app $27,560
- Time spent reheating coffee cup after being interupted (one day I plan to design a "never go cold" coffee mug)
1300 hours = app $16,530
- Time spent answering phonecalls (i hate talking on the phone; give me email anyday)
10833 hours = app $137,790
- Time spent redoing a job cause I stuffed it up (oh for Heaven when I can be perfect - except then I won't have to work for a living so it defeats the purpose)
26000 hours = app $330,720
- Time spent eating (such a boring past-time)
10800 hours = app $137,370
- Time spent on the toilet (yup nuf said)
2100 hours = app $26,710
- Time spent checking Internet Banking (I've decided I'll marry a millionaire and never have to worry about money again - then again, who wants to get married lol)
1080 hours = app $13,730
- Time spent on Renewal Youth Website (nope can't give this one up)
4330 hours = app $55,080

So if I cut out all the time-wasters from my day then I would have about 61,210 spare hours over the course of 50 years to spend on work and therefore technically save the company app. $778,560 over 50 years. That works out at $299.45 per week. WOW! I could pay off my mortgage quicker! More pointless posts coming your way soon...


Jon Dylan said...

I wonder how much time you spend thinking "I should really get up now" on winter mornings.

Haha that was a good one about reheating hot drinks =D

Rachel Kate said...

oooh ok, let me see, say 20 minutes x 5 days a week x 52 weeks in a year x 50 working years /60 to get time in hours = 4330 hours which works out at app $55,000

kristy said...

hehe. Good time wasted reading your post.

Rachel Kate said...

yeah thanks im a bit of a geek but loving it :)

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